Eco-design in the interior: features and rules

Ecostyle is a modern direction in design. It combines the aesthetics of nature, functionality and concern for the environment.

What is ecostyle? It is a design movement aimed at creating harmonious and environmentally sustainable spaces. Its goal is not only to create a visually attractive interior, but also to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Minimalism and functionality

What are the features of eco-style? Eco-style is characterized by the use of natural colors, natural materials, living plants, energy-saving technologies, and upcycling in the interior. Eco-design is also characterized by an abundance of light and eco-friendly decor.

Ecodesign supports the principles of minimalism and functionality. Furniture and decorative items often have simple shapes and clean lines, and also serve a practical purpose. Design in an ecological style does not tolerate cramping. The key point is plenty of air and space. Furniture should not clutter the room and create visual chaos and clutter.