“Triumphal arch” in your house

In the process of production of interior arched doors, an array of expensive woods is often used, which include beech, oak, ash. Thanks to this, they are characterized by attractiveness and durability. To decorate this type of doors, as a rule, carvings and varnish coating, turning them into a work of art. In addition to their advantages, they differ in high cost, so dealers offering such interior doors in Ufa are not so many. Before installing the interior arched door, it is necessary to properly prepare the doorway. In this case, independence is not the best option. Proper and high -quality performance of work can only provide professionals with extensive experience in this area. Thanks to the interior arched doors, architects and designers create an unlimited space of ideas in the layout and design of different types of premises. No other door can make such an impression on guests. Sometimes it seems that you are in an old noble estate, and not in an ordinary city apartment. Along with the above advantages, you should also indicate some disadvantages of the interior doors of this type. Due to the roundness of the door, the opening should be high, otherwise it will look small and even ridiculous. In addition, this implies to pass just in the center of the door with its maximum height, so it is necessary to make it somewhat wider. What have we come to? If you want to see an interior door in the form of an arch in your apartment, then you need to design the apartment under the door, and not vice versa. Like it or not, this is an excellent element of luxurious style.