7 advantages of installing metal doors

Unfortunately, the times when it was possible, as they say, to “sleep calmly” and not close the doors, even leaving them open wide, they left irrevocably… Fortunately, the well -being of many citizens has increased significantly, but it has further aggravated the need for safety, t. To. Some are ready to go to everything just to get money and someone else’s property without working, and by any way…

Therefore, in order to protect their home, given the current criminal situation around the world, people install doors with one or more locks. In terms of reliability and safety, the choice falls on metal doors. Metal doors, g. Volokolamsk have great advantages over any wooden.

The main advantages are as follows:

1. Fire safety – t. To. metal, unlike wood, does not burn.

2. Environmental friendliness – metal does not pose a threat to human health, which can not be said about cheap wooden doors.

3. Installation at any time of the year – with almost any weather conditions.

4. Water resistance – metal does not absorb moisture, as the tree does.

5. Resistance to external influences – metal is more durable than wood

6. Long service life – more than a dozen years

7. The best price -quality ratio – investments are fully justified by relations with a long service life.

Nevertheless, metal doors can be used in a close alliance with wooden, where each of the options has their own role. Metal doors provide safety from the invasion, and wooden – noise reduction and aesthetically beautiful appearance. As a result, they perfectly complement each other.