5 main misconceptions about stretch ceilings

There are a lot of rumors regarding stretch ceilings, their cost, reliability, safety and other things in society. Today we will try to refute the most popular and inaccurate of them.

1. Many people believe that a stretch ceiling is a very expensive pleasure. In fact, this is the cheapest way to finish the ceiling. If you are interested in the installation of stretch ceilings price, we advise you to visit the Radugapotolkov website Rainbow ceilings in St. Petersburg, which provides its high-quality services to everyone. This company offers you stretch ceilings of excellent quality, reliable and durable, different colors and design, and at an attractive price.

2. The stretch ceiling is fragile and unreliable, and can burst, especially to hurt it with something sharp, bend from time to time or just break. This is not true, just where you poked a sharp object, a hole will appear.

3. Stretch ceilings can hold up to one hundred liters of water per square meter. It is true, but here a lot depends on the area of ​​the ceiling and the configuration of the room itself.

4. Glossy fabric makes the ceiling visually higher. Of course, you can’t argue with this. Designers widely use the reflection of light from glossy ceilings to change the perception of space. Only for the most part, without special lighting effects and lighting of the room and ceiling in particular, this feature of glossy stretch ceilings is completely not noticeable. Mirror surfaces give a much greater effect in ordinary lighting. Therefore, if you want to visually increase the height of the ceiling due to gloss, do not do this, best of all stop your choice on another material.

5. Stretch ceilings absolutely flat. And this is not quite. For suspended ceilings, a small percentage of sagging is allowed, allowed by installation technology and norms. Basically, this percentage depends on the area of ​​the ceiling and specific lengths: the width and length of the room itself. The larger the difference between the length and width, the less sagging.