How to get rid of cracks?

Often, repairs in the apartment are a laborious and expensive process. But how pleasant the result is: fresh rooms, new wallpaper … It even seems that you moved to a new house. But sometimes force majeure occurs: cracks on the ceilings spoil everything. Why do they appear and how to remove them?

Often this happens in new houses that only shrink. Wait for them to “get off” from 2 to 5 years, so do not rush to spend fabulous bags, but better, wait for this time and limit yourself to inexpensive finishing materials.

Often the cause of cracks becomes improperly mixed plaster solutions. Try to observe the technology of plastering: follow the proportions in the manufacture of the solution, apply it in thin layers, protect the applied putty from drafts and too fast drying.

Small cracks (not thicker than a hair) can easily hide the water -based, broader should be thrown. Before applying putty, you need to cut a crack slightly with a spatula, so that the substance gets deeper deeper.

There is a lot of water in the putty solution, so when the subcutaneous surface dries (that is, water evaporates) the putty cracks. To avoid this, the surface on which you will put the putty must be sprinkled with a spray gun. Then the moistened surface will not “pull out” water from putty.

Always put it across the crack – so that the solution is deeper into the penetration inside, and only then, when the entire crack is filled with it, spat along the crack, thus removing excess putty. Process very large cracks with foamed putty.