At all times, uneven walls in houses were quite frequent

Almost every person encountered walls where there are hollows, voids or waves. Especially those who glued wallpaper. All this causes a feeling that the builders specially made their abstract design of the room. And not only the inhabitants of the houses of old buildings are faced with this, but also modern houses sometimes copy them. Since almost all developers think, if the house is rented out with draft, then it makes no sense to spend money on it, at least the slightest finish.

In other words, so that in your apartment, after the repair ends, everything is on the European standard, the walls will have to be aligned without fail. And here it does not play a role at all, than in the future you will finish them, whether there will be a concept, wallpaper or painting there. The decoration of decorative panels is also no exception, the walls should still be even, since the panels themselves are installed on wooden rails, and their location should be strictly horizontally. And if your wall is crooked, in which case the panel cannot lie down exactly.

For high -quality repair of the wall of the room, in its smoothness, as well as evenness should be similar to the walls of the refrigerator.

You can align them with putty, and the more curvature and hollows, the more it will be needed. Vetonite is also used in its quality, according to its properties after adding water to dry powder, it will turn into pasth -like putty. Today it is the most common type of putty, since with good quality it has a fairly acceptable cost. Putty differs in their plasticity, and the better it is, the more convenient to work with it.