Roofing metal and its features

Today, a wide variety of roofing coatings are presented on the market. At the same time, despite new developments, metal roofs are in high demand. Indeed, such roofs are distinguished by good operational characteristics – they are quite reliable and durable, easily mounted, show a smaller load on the design than, say, shale tiles. In addition, there is a metal roof relatively inexpensive. Its only drawback is not enough sound insulation. Moreover, with strong storm, noise can be quite significant. For roofing, various types of metal can be used. This is not only a traditional galvanized steel, but also a more modern option with a polymer coating, which allows, among other things, to achieve a tinting diversity. In addition, light aluminum, and copper, and tan-toy alloy are used for this. The choice of a particular option often depends only on the shape of the roof (this criterion determines the requirements for flexibility and plasticity), on the artistic solution of the project, from the budget and preferences of the owner of the house. For the roof of complex geometry, piece elements can be used. In a cheaper version, these are titanium-zinc or copper rhombuses (although they cost a lot). And for an expensive roof it is better to buy roll metal. Its edges can be formed in a special way (it is called a fold) with the help of special machines. Perhaps the most economical, and therefore massive, choice, are a profiled sheet or metal tile. By the way, most often they mean, speaking of a metal roof. As for the noise that occurs during the rain, even at the design stage you can take care of its elimination. If you make the angle of inclination of the roof large enough, then the noise level will decrease. Remember, because the rain knocks louder on a flat roof. In addition, well, you need to save on fasteners – the better the sheets are fixed, the less noise. Attention should also be paid to the installation of the crate. If it is uneven, then with gusts of wind, the sheets of metal will clap and create additional noise.