Decorative pillows in a modern interior

Back in ancient times, it was customary to decorate the dwelling with decorative daytime pillows. But the ancient Greeks and the Romans were limited in the ways of their decoration. Today there are enough opportunities for decoration: various fabrics (tapestry, velvet, silk, etc.), forms of pillows (round, square, in the shape of a roller, etc. D.), options for finishing (braid, embroidery, beads, brushes, etc.).

Pillows, as a rule, are associated in people with peace and comfort and help to create a calm atmosphere in the house. With their help, you can “revive” the bored interior, scattering them with bright spots around the apartment. However, there are certain rules for this kind of decor.

Firstly, the color of the fabric from which the pillow is made should either echo with the color scheme and pattern of furniture, or perform contrast (for example, purple pillow on the green upholstery of the sofa). At the same time, the measure should be observed: oversaturation with bright colors can irritate households and guests, and pale, muffled colors on the contrary – act an inhibitory. Determining the optimal ratio of colors is easy. If the color of furniture, curtains and walls are bright, colorful, then the pillows should be made in restrained colors. And vice versa: on a pale couch against the background of the same walls, bright pillows will look good.

Secondly, the number of pillows matters. It is believed that in one room there should be at least 3 and no more than 6.

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