Decorative film materials.

To decorate partitions and other surfaces, roll or film materials are used, which are made from various artificial materials. They can be based on paper, fabrics or not to have the basis. If the material is self -adhesive, then glue is already applied on the back wall, it remains only to remove the film and place on the surface. For materials with a conventional surface, a special glue is selected and the film is applied to the surface in front.

More often used polyvinyl chloride films. Release such films in rolls, 25-40 meters long and up to 1 meter wide. You can choose any color, pattern and surface. Very convenient during operation, pollution is removed with soap water.

From the films with the fabric base, textivitis, pavinol, nitro -nitro. Pavinol roll length 12 meters, and width 750-800 millimeters. Textovinitis is distinguished by the production method, used for upholstery of upholstered furniture and insulation of doors. Nitroisk is made on a fabric basis with the addition of a special paste from nitro -cellulose. Most often used in furniture production. Textile – a fabric saturated with a composition with an adhesive layer on the back, covered with adhesive paper. Such material is designed to finish partitions and furniture.

A paper -based films include isoped and foam. It is made of polyvinyl chloride, plasticizers, dyes, and a foam former is also foam. They glue the walls of rooms with the help of them.

Film materials have become very popular among buyers, due to the diversity and accessibility.