Ellett – Design Collection collection

A huge selection of attractive shades and surface textures is what distinguishes the collection of the Design Collection Parquet board from Ellett. Even the most demanding buyer will be pleasantly surprised by the wealth of choice: Ellett offers almost one and a half dozen decors of the parquet board for your court.

A massive board in pastel, calm and natural tones would suit you? Or maybe you are more attracted to saturated shades that will make the flooring with one of the key elements of the interior? You more like a noble silky shine or matte elegant surface? Regardless of your tastes and preferences, the Design Collection parquet board will not leave you indifferent. This is a really magnificent floor covering – high -quality and beautiful.

Now it becomes clear why Ellett has chosen this particular name for this collection. Indeed, it is the design that is the most important meaning that is assigned here. The variety of shades and natural textures of wood is favorably emphasized by breaking the surface of the parquet board. Bracing technology allows you to make the appearance of the flooring more original, natural and natural, pleasant to the touch. To do this, soft fibers are carefully removed from the upper layer of wood, which exposes more solid structures. The surface is more embossed and textured. The identity of the parquet board is also emphasized by decorative microfaska on the long side of each floorboard. Microfaska visually distinguishes each element of the flooring, creating a kind of deck effect.

All of the above leaves no doubt: the Ellett board is really capable of decorating any interior with its appearance, becoming its highlight, raise it to a new qualitative level. The floor covering will set a high bar in the design of the room, which involuntarily will have to follow when choosing other finishing materials and furniture.

Of course, the variety and perfection of decors cannot be called the only advantages of the Design Collection Parquet board from Ellett. It is made from a carefully selected oak and ash. The wood is selected manually, dried and processed using special technology. For the convenience of laying and the strength of the flooring, the floorboards are connected to each other through a special lock.