High -quality material for facade finishes

In order to build a house that will steadfastly tolerate all the vicissitudes of the weather, you should firm with special attention to the acquisition of materials for its external decoration.

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There are a huge number of options for the exterior decoration of the house in the modern market of building materials. Of course, absolutely every person wants to save at least a little, but you should not bet on the cheapest material, since not always cheap material is able to serve for a long time.

However, an example of not expensive, but very high -quality material can be considered siding made from PVC. This type of finishing material looks great on the building, it is not expensive, and is able to serve for a long time. It is not surprising that it has become extremely popular lately.

Despite everything, it would seem excellent characteristics, such siding has a number of disadvantages, such as:

In the summer heat, siding is able to expand greatly, while losing slightly its original form. Unfortunately, the homeowner, the original appearance of the house with such deformations is no longer possible to return.

In winter frosts, siding freezes greatly and can burst even from a slight pressing on it.

In addition, siding quickly loses its original color under the constant influence of sunlight. It is for this reason that siding is carried out only in light colors, in which burnout is not so obvious.