How the plastic windows of Rehau are produced

The new development, which is used in the production of plastic windows, made products better in terms of technical characteristics, and from a design point of view improved them. Rehau’s new windows of the height of the frames were slightly lower, and thanks to this, there was more solar color in the room than it was before. The double -glazed window has five profile chambers with a depth of 70mm. The glass space on the window increased, but thermal insulation did not suffer from this, the heat remains in the room. Also, recently on the market, wooden euro -windows in Novosibirsk are gaining prices for wooden windows, much lower than that of plastic ones, so many customers prefer wooden windows. After all, the quality of the wooden windows is even better.

In the market, such a segment of plastic windows, makes it possible to satisfy the need of all consumers, thanks to new technological and consumer properties. In addition, there are several variations of such windows on sale, in design and classical performance, than the buyer receives more choice. Many people like the windows of semicircular and round shape, with an unusual design and decor elements.

Rohau windows manufacturers have been developing new production technologies for 50 years. And over many years of work, they gained a lot of experience in creating windows for home, winter calls and greenhouses, as well as plastic doors and many other products. Such windows in the sun do not burn out, do not deform and do not lose the structure of the surface. And the composition of plastic, which is used for production, is not harmful to human health.