Interesting ideas for decorating bedrooms and bathrooms in eco-style

An eco-style bedroom looks best with natural furniture and natural colors. Green and woody shades for decor, textiles and lighting will create a calm atmosphere.

Choose a wooden bed without decoration, natural textiles (curtains, rug, bedspread) and wooden bedside tables. Add live plants and wall hangings in wooden frames. An accent wall can be created using wood panels or photo wallpaper.

However, do not overload the bedroom with furniture or decor, since in the “eco” style it is intended only for sleeping. Avoid massive bookcases, rattan chairs and excessive decor.

Eco-style bathroom

In an eco-style bathroom, minimalism and the use of natural materials are important. Use rough ceramic tiles, wood panels and floors that imitate sea pebbles or sand. Furniture should be simple and rough, and plumbing fixtures should be classic and laconic. Selecting accessories and textiles in bright colors will add a touch of style. It is important to keep things simple and natural in your bathroom design.