How to effectively insulate an apartment

In conditions of harsh winter, as a rule, the question arises of how to effectively protect the home from the penetration of the cold. Protection can be expressed in the organization of thermal insulation of the space of the apartment. We will talk about the insulation of metal doors. This work must be carried out in 2 stages. First you should compact the base of the door frame in those places where it comes into contact with the canvas.

Choose from the presented varieties of insulation can be a rather difficult task. Note that both a self -adhesive rubber -based insulation and foam rubber are not too durable, but the performance of the sealing efficiency of a foam -based insulator is much better. After you finish work on the insulation of the doors, you can proceed to the arrangement of the internal space of the apartment, in this case, high -quality corps furniture for the bedroom will be an excellent interior solution.

In the process of work, each joint will need to be glued with a rubber seal, the material should be selected the corresponding size. Such a seal will need to be dismantled and updated every couple of years. The second stage of the seal is the processing of the metal canvas of the door. As a rule, factory -made doors have already been insulated, but this design can be slightly finalized and an additional insulation layer can be added. To do this, you should first remove the skin, while trying not to damage it, this will help to avoid replacing the upholstery. After the door surface, a layer of insulation is strengthened after the door. To do this, you can use materials such as polystyrene, plywood, foam.