How to prevent the appearance of dampness, fungus and mold in the apartment.

Dampness in rooms may appear for various reasons, and you need to try to prevent its appearance and there are certain methods for this. Firstly, in our room, heating and ventilation work should be well established. Because it depends on these factors what kind of air humidity in the room and condensate is formed or not. It is believed that in the apartment a comfortable temperature is from about eighteen to twenty -two degrees. If you maintain such a temperature constantly, then the appearance of condensate is unlikely.

As for ventilation, it is mounted in the process of building a house and is in every apartment. The air enters the ventilation ducts naturally, or rather due to the temperature difference and pressure. But usually such systems do not work or work, but very bad because of the clogging or unsuccessful design of the house. Therefore, people resort to the installation of hoods in the wall or ordinary ventilation.

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Ventilate the room at least at least twice a day. It is necessary to open the window for fifteen or twenty minutes. Thus, the humidity in the room will always be normal. But this applies only to the warm season, when the window is normal air temperature. In the winter, the time when the street is a negative temperature, ventilation decreases in time, since otherwise the walls are cooked, and condensation will appear, which will not lead to anything good.

Summing up, I note that after repair, when all the surfaces in the apartment without visible signs of mold or fungus do not need to provoke its appearance. Do not forget to ventilate all your premises, follow how ventilation works, what is the heating temperature. And remember that it is easier to prevent the appearance of mold or fungus than to do repairs when it appears.