Metal processing: steel roof

The service life of steel sheets of the roof can reach 50 years. Everything will depend on the steepness of the slope, such as the crate and, of course, care. If the crate is rare, then the roof will be actively destroyed, both from above and below.

To reduce corrosion from below, you need to make a crate of continuous. To preserve the steel, the grate is covered with pergamine or well smashed. I must say that the use of a continuous crate with permamine.

An important role in this case is played by the slope of the roof. Snow, moisture and garbage on the roof with a steep slope do not linger. If the roof is gentle, then garbage and dirt can accumulate on it over time, which significantly accelerates the process of corrosion. Steel roof care provides for timely, and most importantly, the correct coloring. The galvanized sheets of steel are painted after 10-12 years of operation, and then repeat this procedure every 2-3 years.

If the coloring is carried out high quality, then after 3-4 years. In front of the roofing, you need to wipe the steel sheets with gasoline, clean them well of dirt, and then cover with olipoi. When the sheets dry, you can proceed to the preparation of paintings. It is worth noting that galvanized steel does not need preparation.

When carrying out roofing, the following tools are used: kiyanka, punch, chisel, scissors designed for steel cutting, two hammers (one lighter, the other is harder). Steel sheets are interconnected with the help of the folds: in length – standing, and in width – with beddots.

The latter are more reliable, but rather laborious. To ensure safety when working on the roof, be sure to put on non -slip shoes with a soft sole that will not scratch and deform the roof.

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