Metal roof and its main advantages

Metal tiles are a durable material that is additionally treated with an anti -corrosion composition so that it is less destructive. But this is not all – additionally the material is covered with a polymer composition, which consists of a persistent polymer pigment and filler. And this layer is colored, and it performs not only the function of decorative, but also protective.

The basis of the finish coating can be different, despite the fact that it seems to be all the same. For example, such a basis as a plastisole pleases with excellent technical characteristics, helps protection against corrosion, but this coating does not differ in resistance to ultraviolet radiation.

Polyester is considered a quality material that acts as a coating. But this is only if the high -quality installation of such a roof is made. After all, only in such conditions, the metal tile will be able to serve for a long time.

Specialists of the Belgian company not so long ago created another basis for creating metal tiles. These are natural stone grains. The novelty is characterized by excellent characteristics, resistant to mechanical damage, as well as to the effects of atmospheric phenomena. And today the “stone” base of the metal tile is considered the best option.

For the production of this type of metal tile, crumbs of stone are applied to the outer side of the sheet. Then she is covered with acrylic. This helps the material to revive, create its volume and make it like a tile. Such an external coating pleases with excellent sound insulation and thereby allow you to preserve silence in the house even during the rain.