Metal suspended ceilings: GEIPEL products

The German company Geipel produces metal suspended ceilings of rack, cassette and lattice.

GEIPEL rack ceilings produces two types: open and closed. The high quality of the ceilings makes it possible to use them in any interiors: both in residential premises and in large public buildings, sports or cultural centers, shops and salons halls. Geipel rack ceilings combine high aesthetic indicators excellent functionality.

Geipel cassette ceilings consist of comfortable modules and have high functionality along with external beauty and elegance. They have good indicators for moisture resistance and fire resistance. German quality will easily replace the modules in case of failure of one of them, so there is no need to change the entire suspension system. Cassette modules can be successfully installed in offices, large conference rooms, institutions of any profile, even in production facilities with high humidity, sports facilities or pools. This office furniture looks good with these products.

Ethnichetic ceilings Geipel. The company has a patent for the system of lattice metal structures “Strekmetalledeized”, which was specially designed for ceiling systems of designer directions. GEIPEL suspension system and lattice cassettes make it possible to create ceiling systems of any complexity and absolutely any, most daring design solutions. These ceilings are used in the most difficult configuration of the rooms of the innovative style.

The German company Geipel, thanks to a wide selection of both the type of ceiling systems and their color scheme, gives a wonderful opportunity to choose suitable metal suspension ceilings for almost any interior or architectural structure. In addition to its main products, Geipel also produces ceiling lamps, which are developed in the same design as the ceiling panels.