Necessary exploration work during construction

Many people believe that the construction itself begins with a good architectural project. But this rule is true, only partially. Therefore, before drawing up the necessary plan for the upcoming building and determined with building materials, it will be necessary to carry out fairly important exploration work. After all, it is very important to know what ground the future will be on the ground.

The base, which is subsequently intended for the construction of the facility, must satisfy the necessary and important requirements. For this, the base must have an excellent bearing capacity, be motionless, should not be subjected to unnecessary erosion of soil waters. It is also very important to take into account that the base ensures the necessary shrinkage of the object within the permissible limits and not swell (increase) with a strong freezing.

In the event that the bearing capacity of the soil at the construction site is insufficient, then the strong load from the building will lead to the destruction of the base and the house in this case will certainly fall apart. The necessary exploration work is also needed in order to find out if there are easily soluble substances in the ground. Indeed, when exposed to groundwater, an increase in soil porosity is possible. And this is not entirely desirable, since the building can subsequently deform.

It is necessary to know that some soils have the ability to increase (swell) in their volume with a strong freezing. This can also lead to the destruction of the erect object. After all, thawing occurs unevenly and because of this the structure does not settle completely, but in parts. The cause of freezing is most often the strong humidity of the soil. This can happen from groundwater, as well as from the granular composition of the soil itself. The closer the level of all kinds of groundwater is located, as well as the smaller the size of the soil grains themselves in the freezing area, the more the swelling occurs.