Decoration of a country house in eco-style and recommendations

There is no need to create a lawn as such in an eco-garden, and even less so to level the surface for it. If there is already grass cover on the site, then it is wiser to preserve it by mowing and sowing seeds of clover or wildflowers.

You can sow Moorish lawn seeds: for uniform germination when sowing, they must be mixed with sand (one part of seeds with three parts of sand). Caring for such a lawn-meadow once it has taken root and grows is very simple. The most important thing is to regularly water and mow it in the fall to 10 cm from the soil.

Paths and fences

Paths, also known as paths, should look natural. They can be mowed in different directions. Paths lined with gravel or, even better, natural stone will also look good, but it is better to make them not straight and without curbs. Paths are also made from wooden saw cuts or boards of natural color.

It is better to abandon fencing altogether, allowing your site to be part of the overall ecosystem. But if you cannot do without them, they should blend into the surrounding landscape: fences made of unpainted wood, vertical gardening on a natural basis, dense bushes, an embankment of natural stones.