Latest trends in sustainable interior design in New Zealand

Ecological approach is gaining more and more popularity in interior design. Previously, the main criterion when choosing finishing materials was their visual appeal and style, but now this is not the case.

Today, residents are interested in what materials are used in the house and whether they are harmful to their health. Since the emergence of ecodesign, this criterion has become one of the main ones in the process of creating design projects.

The basis of eco-design are natural organic materials that do not poison the living environment of residents and do not have harmful chemical compounds. Such materials include wood, stone, environmentally friendly paints, cork and bio-glass coatings, etc. These materials allow you to create an environmentally friendly and comfortable space in your home.

An ecological approach to design not only creates comfort, but also allows you to create a productive space in which freedom, openness and harmony reign with all the elements of the furnishings used.