Quick pace of construction work

An example of a large volume of construction work in a short time is the construction at the end of the XX in. a building with a very complex masonry of the facade, with the entire interior and equipment of the scene, was built in the break between theatrical seasons.

In 1899-1902. With the use of the latest techniques of construction equipment and the organization of construction work, a huge complex of the Polytechnic Institute in St. Petersburg was built.

In 1890 -1899. a large Livadian palace in Crimea was built, striking the wealth of decoration and the thoroughness of the work. 200 workers of 2 hours per day worked on the construction of this palace.

The fast pace of construction work was also achieved during the construction in 1892. floor housing., which was then the highest building in Moscow. The organization of work on the construction of this house was thought out in all details and at the same time the high quality of their implementation was ensured.

In industrial construction, the vast majority of work was usually performed by one company. Sometimes it was cooperated with carpentry, woodworking enterprises, with plants of metal structures, but mainly the company that accepted the contracted work only on its own. Even such a large object as the Lubavsky port was built by one organization.

At the head of the administration, there was a manager who was subordinated to two administrations – for the procurement and storage of materials and for the work of work. The first had at its disposal of careers and warehouses, a mechanical engineer who was driving a movement of trains and the maintenance of rolling stock, the “head of the construction squadron” with his steamboats and barges that performed work in the port, engineer for the construction of two Volnolomes, an engineer for the construction of moles and mechanics who led the concrete plant. Magazine “Builder”,. Materials for describing Russian commercial ports and the history of their construction.

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