Some features of the construction of the bath

The bathhouse is usually made of wood. Rarely anyone is now using a natural round, many prefer a finished processed beam to him. It is more convenient and easier to build. The construction of the bath has its own characteristics.1) The foundation of the structure should be perfectly even with a horizontal verified by a special level or a waterpol.2) the foundation base is wider than the beam itself by 8-10 cm.

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3) before laying a wooden box, the foundation must be dried for 3-5 days.4) First, two layers of insulating material (usually take a roofing material) on the foundation tape, first,. Then they evenly form a layer of insulation (pack, dry moss, linen burning). Before laying, natural insulation is impregnated in machine oil and allowed to dry.5) the size of the bathhouse is arbitrary, but, as a rule, it is 3m width and 4 m length. The form can be square with the same sides.

6) during the construction of a wooden bath, you need to constantly check the correspondence of angles 900. To do this, use special devices. If at least one angle begins to deviate, the entire building will lead.7) the internal space should be divided into at least 3 parts: a dressing room, steam room and washing. When forming the box, you can take into account their location.8) inside the bath, it is necessary to equip a place under the furnace, which must correspond to fire safety measures.9) it is better to fill the ceiling from the attic side with sand or pour a clay solution.