Tiles for the bedroom

Ceramic tiles are great for facing floors of various rooms and premises in a residential building!

Such tiles will never go out of fashion. This is truly universal material that allows you to create a very stylish and modern atmosphere in any room. And not only in your cozy bathroom or kitchen, but even in the living area!

The traditions of the use of facing tiles in residential premises such as: on the floor of the Hall, the living room, or even the bedrooms in co-time, find more and more respect.

At the same time, it is very important to take into account the aesthetic side of the non -standard use of tiles for residential premises – it is possible to use a wide variety of additional elements and inserts, to obtain artistic floors or floors for parquet. It is possible to recreate the floors under the old days. All this will be very decorated and give an image to your home, creating its unique flavor.

However, it should be remembered that the floors of various residential premises and rooms of the house are subjected to very different influences on abrasion and shock loads. In the bedrooms, it is recommended to use tiles not lower than I and II class of wear resistance.

In the living room on the floor, there can be completely different pressure in various places. Here you can combine ceramic tiles of various classes: II, III or even IV.

In the halls, the floors are subjected to noticeably large mechanical loads, so it will be more preferable to use ceramic tiles of grades III and IV.

Large -format tiles of urbanistically gray, resembling a smooth surface of natural stone or enriched with special metallic effects, will give the interior of the room a noble appearance.

Earthly and sand tones of tiles contribute to the reconstruction of the Mediterranean friendly atmosphere. Electronic photo frames for photos on the walls with appropriate memories and the embossed structure of the tiles on the floor gives rise to live accents and thoughts about the upcoming rest.