Porcelain stoneware for the floor in a country house

Today, porcelain tile is an ideal solution for flooring. Many owners of country houses have already been able to appreciate all the advantages of this finishing material. Porcelain stoneware can be called one of the most durable finishing materials for the floor, which is significantly superior in characteristics, ordinary ceramic tiles.

Floor porcelain tiles are ideal for rooms with great cross -country ability. That is why it is often used to decorate the floor in the hallway or bathroom.

Porcelain tile will fit perfectly into any interior – thanks to special pigments added during the production of porcelain tiles, it is possible to choose from a huge color diversity exactly what is ideal for your home. At the same time, the color does not abrupt and does not fade even under the influence of ultraviolet radiation.

Porcelain stoves can have a different structure depending on the purpose:

1) polished or polished floor (mirror shine is achieved through the use of abrasive substances during surface treatment)

2) icing or matte (the surface does not shine)

3) structured (with a relief surface)

4) rectified

5) satinated (thanks to a layer of mineral salts, I acquired a kind of soft shine).

A special production technology gave porcelain slabs a special strength, greater density, lack of voids and microcracks. This explains their high resistance to mechanical damage. In addition, porcelain stoneware practically does not absorb moisture. Therefore, severe frosts do not have any significant effect on it.