Waterproofing of the chimney in a country house

For waterproofing the chimney, a number of small solutions should be performed. Three -level waterproofing is usually done.

The first level – gluing with bitumen mastic of the superdiffusion membrane to the design of the pipe. To do this, pipe primer should be performed with mastic, as a rule, polymer-bitumen, then to stick the edges of the membrane with a spinning rod up. After performing this operation, moisture, even getting on the membrane, can not leak under it. With the help of Doorhan drives for sliding gates, the gate is usually opened.

Level second – the device of the lower and upper ties from the metal corner. The laying of the sheets is overwhelmed, that is, the upper to the lower ones, so that the water rolls all the time only down. The lower pipe tie (lower sheet) can be renewed up to the overhang of the roof, in fact, it is necessary, but it can be left short – the moisture will be discharged on the membrane.

The main task is to remove moisture from the pipe. The mounting of the corners is carried out on the bars of the crate, then the sealant is carried out, then the landing on the nails is carried out.

The third level-ondulin is laid in the end, the joints are sealed with bitumen mastic, the plastic cover apron is laid on the lower part, sealing passes along the onduflesh-that is, a rubber-bitumen ribbon, especially for waterproofing. It is glued to Ondulin in one edge, and the second edge – on the corner.

It’s no secret that people need furniture for comfort and convenience. A country house is no exception, because there should also be comfort in the country, coziness, so that after work on the garden plot it would be possible to, as it should, relax, relax, gain strength for the next day.