Apartment interior in eco-style: basic principles

Eco-style or eco-design is a direction in interior design that adheres to the principles of environmental friendliness, the use of natural materials and natural colors. It creates an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility.

After all, eco-style in apartment interior design is a reflection of the philosophy of harmony with nature and attention to the environment.

In eco-style, the color scheme plays an important role. There is no place for bright spots and aggressive contrasts. Basic eco-style colors include:

  1. Green: A symbol of life and nature, it is present everywhere, from walls to accessories.
  2. Wood Tones: Warm wood tones such as beige, brown and gray create a warm and cozy feeling.
  3. White: light and clean, white color emphasizes the naturalness and simplicity of eco-style.

Lighting in eco-style is soft and diffused. Inconspicuous lamps and decorative chandeliers with minimalist lampshades will suit you. An excellent solution is to use natural light, so panoramic windows with views of nature are ideal for eco-style.