New technologies for an old profession

In the manufacture of stairs, more and more designers offer to refuse to decorate the railing and fences of the staircases with ordinary balusters or conventional forged grids. Balusters, whether they are wooden or even marble, it is difficult to fit into modern interiors. Unless only when it comes to the style of baroque.

Of course, now you can order fences of stairs, staircases, window grilles of any complexity and configuration, but the price of such exclusive things grows in proportion to the flight of your imagination.

How to reduce costs and get good, reliable and relatively cheap railing and fences? The answer is simple – look for performers who use modern technologies. For example, they provide plasma cutting services. In the manufacture of forged window grilles and railing elements, blacksmiths most often use ready -made metal rental. It is they who heated, cut, split, smoke, nap, and so on. Energy and labor costs with traditional forging methods – huge. Naturally, this entails high prices for finished products. And advanced technologies will allow you to quickly and accurately cut out of the metal sheet not only the workpieces, but also the elements of the structure of the staircase, the fencing of the marching span or decorative and protective gratings on the windows are already ready to install. The cost of obtaining such products is much lower than any other methods of cutting metal. Kuznetsu or a crasher locksmith remains only minimal work on refinement and assembly of metal structures.