Applying Venetian plaster on the walls

Prepare carefully the base before applying the plaster. All the irregularities of the putty are grinded. The surface is twice processed by acrylic primer.

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Plaster is applied to the surface in several places. Then thoroughly leveled by a special spatula. The thickness of the layers is uneven. The combination of places of applying plaster and the difference in layers creates an imitation of the drawing and its depth.

The first layer is applied from a material consisting of thin grinding crumb. This is done in order to reliably and qualitatively adequate material with the wall. After drying, the covering layers are applied, which create the illusion of textured drawing. To obtain a glossy surface, a special layer selected in the same tone with a tone of coating is used.

The main thing to do is to apply the material on the wall in small areas, while:

Strokes apply arbitrarily, you can have different shade.

Leaf out on the surface of the site.

At the end of the work, polish the surface or make it glossy.

Having completed the work in one site, they move to the other until the entire wall is finished. The walls will dry out qualitatively in about a week. In the process, the tool must be clean. It is imperative to monitor the purity of the material so that foreign particles do not get into it, which will be noticeable on the wall.