Nanotechnology will improve the quality of corrugated board

Nanotechnology today is perhaps the most promising and promising of all the developments that marked the beginning of the 21st century. The scope of their use is unusually wide, and the production of building materials was no exception. And if the ordinary corrugated board has been sold, now a corrugated board will appear with nano -covers, which will radically improve its properties.

Nano -covers will give the corrugated facility high strength and elasticity, as well as increase its water resistance and resistance to aggressive substances and ultraviolet radiation. But, besides these excellent properties, corrugated board will have another property – the function of self -cleaning.

The nano cover consists of nanoparticles that contribute to the preservation of the physical characteristics of materials, their wear resistance and durability, and even the preservation of color.

The unique properties of nano -covers are explained simply: it acquires them due to the presence of titanium, silicon, barium sulfate, aluminum oxides, zirconium in its composition. Under the influence of ultraviolet radiation in the material, the process of generating free radicals that oxidize organic compounds that contribute to pollution of the surface is launched.

As a result, there is a neutralization of harmful substances falling on the coating. In addition, the surface of the coating has water -repellent properties, so the water on the top of the smooth surface simply gathers into drops and immediately flows down, washing off the pollution neutralized by nanoparticles. It is clear that the sale of corrugated board with such unique properties will be very in demand.

The use of self -cleaning corrugated board, which is used for facade and roofing, is becoming increasingly popular. Many European companies are already using nanotechnologies in the production of metal rolling, in particular, such products as corrugated board and tiles. Domestic manufacturers are also developing in this area.