Beautiful attic is real!

If your family needs additional square meters of living space, you can build an attic. She will add several additional rooms to you, and the facade of the house will look updated and more solid. In addition, your children will receive attic rooms, which will simply be delighted!

The first stage of the reconstruction of your house should be a definition of the possibility of erecting the attic in this house. Be sure to carry out expert work by contacting the relevant organization. If you were given the go -ahead for the construction of the attic – make a project and purchase building materials.

If you decide to build an attic without increasing the volume of the roof, then most likely you have a process of insulation and decoration of the attic. It is necessary to expand the attic window to the size provided for in the project.

For comfortable living in the winter, the attic is insulated. Recently, a popular wool is a popular insulation. It easily laid on the entire surface of the attic. Steam and waterproofing work are also carried out.

On top, the adjusting of the attic is made to your taste and wallet. In regions with a harsh climate, it is necessary to install additional heating of the upper floor. Use the option that will suit you. Do not forget to cut the hatch for the stairs that will connect both floors. It is advisable to also attach an additional staircase on the street, which will meet the requirements of the fire department.

If you decide to change the shape of the roof and build an attic there, then first dismantle the roof. Build the frame and carry out the same repair work as in the first case. Cover the roof with roofing material.