Breathing windows – a new word in window construction

The ventilation system built into the frame provides a constant flow of air into the room without the formation of drafts. At the same time, the sound – and thermal insulation properties of the windows remain at a high level.

Therefore, if you decide to change the windows in your apartment, you need to take care of not only the silence that plastic windows will be brought, but also about a comfortable microclimate, which is difficult to create with absolute tightness of the PVC window. Breathing windows will save you street dust and noise, but at the same time, air from the street will always enter the apartment even with a closed window.

A smooth air flow is regulated by the supply system and does not create drafts, which cannot be avoided with an open window. The apartment always supports optimal humidity. Returning from vacation, you will plunge into a pleasant microclimate of your house, and not into a stagnant dusty air.

If you are already the owner of plastic windows, then the air supply system can be installed additionally by contacting a company that specializes in breathing windows.

Breathing windows are chosen for city apartments and country houses people who create maximum comfort around them.

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