New stroller from the Polish manufacturer Aneco Venezia

2012 pleased many mothers and dads, grandparents with an incredible number of new products among children’s strollers. The latest developments, improved previously released models, new design colors – almost every manufacturer of children’s transport has expanded its assortment. Aneco Polish brand also offered several new options, including the model with a very romantic and bright name – the Venezia Aneco stroller deserves special attention. Venice is a city of love and tenderness, perhaps the stroller got its name in its honor for a reason. As if wanting to emphasize that this model is the true embodiment of love and care that parents envelop their young children, the manufacturer made maximum efforts to create a stroller truly interesting in technical characteristics. A wide and spacious cradle with a delicate embrace of heat and affection envelops the baby. A large hood will reliably protect against wind and rain, scorching sun and cold snow. Sustainable chassis and excellent depreciation, like the affectionate hands of the mother, gently swaying sleeping peanuts. The walking unit gives maximum comfort, ensures safety to the grown -up curious baby who wants to observe everything around during a walk.

ANECO strollers also take into account the wishes of parents. Reliable and durable, practical and functional, they are developed taking into account the smallest nuances, together forming the very feeling of convenience and ease of operation. Its operational characteristics are very attractive. A convenient handle adjustable in height of the parent, a basket of impressive sizes and no less impressive sizes of the bag for little things, which should always be at hand, which is especially important – relatively light weight and compactness in folded form, as well as excellent patency and ease in managing and overcoming any road obstacles. It is not surprising that aneco Venezia receives the most positive reviews, a walk with her is a pleasure. The manufacturer offers both standard equipment from a cradle and a walking module, and more expanded – with car seats.

You can familiarize yourself with the more detailed characteristics of this stroller in all parameters in the Kuzika online store. The widest color performance of this model is also presented there, which allows you to choose a stroller for the style and taste of any parent.