Eco-materials in construction and home interiors

New technologies have not spared construction either. They are not widely used yet, but once they are, they could make a real revolution in design.

Today, customers and designers are increasingly using 3D printing. With its help, you can make, among other things, a special brick that cools itself thanks to the Cool Bricks system.

Another interesting material is airgel. It is transparent like glass, but at the same time very hard and fire resistant. And one more useful property: airgel is not afraid of water.

Environmentally friendly insulation

For centuries, people have been using eco-friendly home insulation materials such as mycelium (the root-like body of fungi), straw and hemp. Moss is considered one of the most environmentally friendly insulation materials for the home. It is especially widely used in countries with cool and humid climates.

Important! If you use moss indoors, remember that it will need to be replaced from time to time.

If traditional insulation options are not suitable, there are also ultra-modern options, for example, ecowool. It is made from waste paper. The material breathes, is not interested in putrefactive bacteria, and thanks to special additives, ecowool has fire-resistant properties.