Carpet and two words about real estate in Spain.

At first glance, it may seem to you that the laying of the carpet is carried out very easily and simple, but unfortunately it is not at all like that. During the laying of carpet, clarity and dimensionality are very important. Before buying a carpet, you need to decide on the floor area that you need to tighten, which will give you the opportunity to save your blood money and of course your nerves.

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You can start laying carpets both independently and hire the so -called specialists, but this as you understand will lead to extra costs. Therefore, having a special tool and following some tips, you can lay the carpet yourself.

For styling, you will need such a tool as a special knife for carpet, a roller for rolling and a substrate – this is a material that will hide all the visible irregularities of the floor and make it much softer.

Immediately before starting work, it is necessary to prepare the room, clean it and remove all the furniture, otherwise moving it, you will cause yourself a lot of inconvenience.

For laying, it is necessary to spread the carpet through all the area with a protrusion of a couple of centimeters in order to bend the edges by the skirting board, after which, the entire coating is rolled out with a roller from the middle of the room to the walls to avoid the appearance of waves. After pruning unnecessary material, a skirting board is nailed, and we fasten special iron rails at the thresholds. If the whole process is carefully done, then you will succeed.

But if you do not have time, then it is better to hire a special working brigade that deal with such issues.