Classical German project of the Vivario House

This classic German house of the Vivario model from the Renolit Haus developer was created in accordance with the latest construction requirements, as well as taking into account the rapidly changing ideas of German developers about comfortable housing!

So, for example, when designing such a house, the customer can freely choose any building layout suitable for him. This house can be executed both one- and two – or even in the multi -apartment version!

Currently, some homeowners want to live under one and work. They want to have their own office in their own house! Moreover, the developers of the project, they do not exclude the opportunity to supplement and change the purpose of certain rooms and rooms in the future.

In the two -apartment version of this house, the full area of ​​the attic floor is 108 m2 (taking into account the height of the side niches B91 cm). This is enough for a very comfortable living of an average family of 3-4 people.

The premises of the first floor in this house are distinguished by their unusual layout thanks to the existing biabes and a spacious balcony, which stands for the plane of the facades of the house.

Large windows reaching almost the floor create excellent lighting in this house. The house of the house organized the bathroom as well as the dining room.

Under the wide overhangs of the roof of the house, places of rest are provided, perfectly protected from bad weather as well as winds.

Flooring in the house and facing the walls of the bathroom are made with ceramic tiles, and the walls are finished with relief wallpaper from the floor to the ceiling!

The front door is wooden. All internal doors are fanned with a natural veneer.

Windows in the house at the request of the customer can be wooden or plastic with three -chamber double -glazed windows.

Also, at the request of the customer, the company can equip the external and internal lighting of the house, mount additional wall -mounted sconces in the house, make the beautiful backlighting tracks, install alarm with tracking cameras.