Classification of metal -plastic windows

An indispensable attribute of a modern house and apartment is metal -plastic windows. A huge number of different types of metal -plastic windows are represented in the modern market. All of them have both their pros and cons, differing among themselves with the quality of the assembly, the price and durability of the service. Consider the main types of metal -plastic windows. The simplest classification of metal -plastic windows proceeds from the method of opening. Thus, the windows can be divided into 3 types: deaf, rotary and rotary-oxide. But the choice does not end there. There are several more models of windows, but they are extremely rare and are designer expensive models. For post -Soviet consumers, the most familiar option is rotary windows. They have good characteristics, but are significantly inferior to the positions of rotary-oxide double-glazed windows. Such windows are convenient in that they can not only open completely, but also “for ventilation” – a position in which only the upper part of the window deviates, and the lower remains closed. Such metal -plastic windows are very beneficial in small rooms, especially in the spring and autumn, when it is not too hot, but not cold. A slight deviation of the double -glazed window makes it possible to penetrate fresh air, not greatly affecting the room temperature in the room. But for the winter season, there are windows with special fittings, which allows you to shift the window from the position “closed” only a few millimeters. Thus, air can circulate, but not cool the room. It should be noted that the price of such windows is slightly higher than simple rotary packages. But you can be sure that they will pay off in the near future due to comfort. By the way, it should be noted that the rotary-oxide double-glazed windows are much more compact and occupy much less space. The cheapest option is deaf windows. They got their name due to the fact that they do not have a mechanism for opening. Such windows are not convenient to clean and require special equipment, especially if installed in a high -rise house. It is best to combine them with other types of metal -plastic windows.