Construction tool that gives shape

It is inconceivable to imagine construction work without the process of pouring concrete mixtures, they may be needed for the construction of the foundation, columns and ceilings between floors.

For the construction of inter -story ceilings, an element is used as the formwork of ceilings, which has a slightly different structure. Although its meaning is like that of the formwork used in the construction of the foundation.

The formwork of the ceilings is supported by such elements as the rack of formwork having a telescopic structure.

The cement mixture, as you know, has the ability to spread, and for the tradition of the form necessary according to the project, you need to create a barrier that gives the mixture this form. This barrier is the formwork. The formwork for the foundation can be made at the construction site of building materials, such as the boards that are chopped, forming a box into which a concrete mixture is poured. Also, formwork elements can be professional and manufactured in the factory, used many times on different facilities. Construction companies can purchase, and have their own funds, and can rent it out.

With the help of formwork, you can build a concrete partition if there is a need for it. When pouring concrete in the liquid mass, a large number of air bubbles are formed, which worsen the strength properties of the structure. For this reason, the bubbles from the mixture are removed with a special vibration aircraft, which can be a manual type or a whole unit that allows you to treat a large area of ​​liquid mixture at the same time. The foundation takes on the entire load from the building, and therefore must be fulfilled in accordance with all technical standards.