Infrared sauna at home – on the balcony or loggia

Modern technologies have allowed to develop several types of saunas suitable for use in urban conditions. A wide range of models of Russian paired and Finnish saunas includes those that can be installed in a standard apartment. But, despite this, the acquisition of an infrared sauna, the installation of which is possible not only in any house, any apartment, but also in the garage, in the attic, balcony or loggia, looks like the most preferred option.

The infrared sauna of the house is distinguished by compact dimensions, which can be 90×90 centimeters, as a result of which the placement of such a sauna in a room with a limited space is not difficult.

When planning to install an infrared sauna on the balcony or loggia, it is necessary to choose such a device, the largest parts of which can be carried through the door of the loggia or balcony.

Infrared sauna is an ideal device for use in the country and in any room equipped with a power outlet with a power supply. When connecting to the outlet, the sauna heats up within a few minutes.

The principle of operation of the infrared sauna is based on the use of infrared radiation, the energy of which can penetrate the skin to a depth of up to four centimeters. This effect causes a state of hyperthermia, which positively affects the overall immunity of the body, contributing to the healing of wounds and restoration of tissues, cleansing the skin of acne and acne rash. In addition, when using an infrared sauna, effects such as: the removal of toxins, toxins and heavy elements during the process of resonant absorption; improving blood circulation, training of the cardiovascular system; improving the condition of the joints and muscles, elimination of seizures, muscle pain, relief of the condition with radiculitis and rheumatism; removal of post -traumatic pains; Improving memory, increasing sexual activity.