Correct gluing panels on the ceiling

Before purchasing panels for the ceiling, it is necessary to calculate the area planned for gluing, and buy for 2 sq. meters more than required, since the material is brittle, and a certain number of panels during operation will be damaged.

For pasting, you need to prepare a knife, a metal ruler to carry out a flat cutting of panels, glue and roulette.

To obtain symmetry in the process of gluing the ceiling, the work must be started from the conditional intended center (for the center, the fastening point of the ceiling lamp is taken). Most of the masters advise to stick the panels not parallel to the wall, but diagonally, however, it does not matter, it can be done here as much.

In order for the general view to be advisable to use together with ceiling panels, the skirting board for the ceiling made of the same extruded polystyrene foam. They can be purchased in the panels, such skirting boards are different in width and different drawings. It is advisable to select a skirting board that is most combined in terms of design style with panels and pour it around the perimeter of the ceiling.

In the case when there are noisy neighbors or the ceiling is not very even, you can use 10 – a mm panel, they better drown out sounds, and the irregularities of the ceiling will be hidden very well.

The joints of the joints of the panels and skirting boards must be well and gently filled with putty to give the ceiling the appearance of a monolithic structure. During staining, it is advisable to use a soft roller, it is necessary to paint both the ceiling and the ceiling plinth.