Cosmetic repair, wallpaper

Wallpaper, oddly enough, is easier to tear than to stick. For some reason, all of them rip off the dry, but we recommend thoroughly wet the wallpaper, and then to tear them much easier. This work will take you four hours. It will take twice as much time to stick new.

Now everyone is buying non -woven wallpaper. Firstly, they are easier to attach, since only the wall should be smeared. In addition, they are wide, so you need fewer stripes of wallpaper. In addition, they are inexpensive.

Tip: Do not buy non -woven wallpaper “under painting”, if you are not going to paint them. Such wallpapers are translucent, so if you do not paint them, then you risk admiring the old newspapers pasted on the walls.

Do not forget about the microclimate of your home. Who will also create coziness, warm you in cold winter, and cools you in a hot summer. Best Assistant – Daikin wall air conditioners! The quality of Daikin air conditioners has been tested for years, excellent design and attractive prices make them the best among analogues.

Before buying wallpapers, spend your hand by hand and make sure that you liked the touch. This is not a whim, because wallpaper is a robe of your walls, therefore, if they are unpleasant to the touch, you will constantly feel discomfort. Also roll the roll and imagine this pattern and color on your walls. It often happens that the ornament looks great in the roll, but just terrible – all over the wall.

If you want to be original – use the wallpaper of two types – light and dark, only paste the walls contrast. Then each wall can play a certain role.