Despite the apparent simplicity of laying carpet, this process requires accuracy and accuracy.

First of all, an accurate measurement of the room should be made in which work will be carried out, otherwise a situation may develop when one of the walls will be collected by folds, and the other will not be enough for it. After layout of the carpet and trimming in size, they begin to fix it. The gluing of the coating to the base is considered an outdated way, but experts very often resort to it, which is due to a number of advantages. In particular, this method does not require the mandatory use of the substrate and guarantees reliable fixation, especially in the case of the use of several pieces of carpet. In addition, this method is indispensable when decorating inclined surfaces, as well as when using furniture on rollers (the formation of wrinkles or folds is minimized) and cleaning a detergent vacuum cleaner. But it should be borne in mind that the method of adhesive laying has restrictions. It cannot be used when laying on a laminate, linoleum and other materials that can interact with the adhesive composition. Now the Microll company is very popular, many people buy its goods.

In the case of the use of the substrate, it is first produced by gluing, and after the glue dries, they begin to fix the coating itself. Carpet is laid in such a way as to ensure its overlap on the walls by approximately 50 mm. With the help of a sharp knife, the excess is cut strictly in terms of the size of the room, after which the coating is doubled, and the floor is processed with glue. For its application, a toothed spatula is usually used, which allows you to adjust the thickness and amount of adhesive. Then the carpet is neatly straightened and glued with stretching the material from the center to the edges and eliminating wrinkles and folds. Similar actions are performed with the second part of the coating. After the glue dries, it is recommended to carry out the control cutting of the carpet and install the skirting board.