House on piles (pile foundation)

The construction of houses in piles is carried out in places with problematic, geological terms, construction conditions. For example, if the soil under the base of the foundation in its characteristics is very weak, the use of pile supports will be the best solution for you. Piles are installed in different ways (clogged, dug up), which in turn take on the load from the house or building under construction on them. More often began to use piles of reinforced concrete with reinforced concrete grillages in the heads, which perceive the load from the floors and walls of the house the best.

Depending on the type of soil on which the building will stand, “screw” pile foundations, “hanging” and “standing” are distinguished. “Screw” piles are used in all types of problem soils. This is their main advantage over other pile foundations. When laying screw piles, screw -shaped metal (steel) pipes are used. When applying them, the temporary component of the construction itself is significantly reduced, in particular, laying the foundation. Rifle piles are a new word in the construction industry. “Standing” pile foundations are based on denser earthen horizons, passing when they are installed through the more light and soft. “Hanging” pile foundations, unlike “standing”, not finding a support point for themselves, hold the building due to friction force between the pile itself and the soil horizon into which it is driven into. Installation of pile foundations is the most time -consuming and capital -intensive work, when comparing it with the laying of traditional types of foundation. In connection with which it is used, as a rule, forced. When laying a house on piles, a very accurate calculation of the number of piles themselves is necessary, depending on the type of work (screw, standing, hanging), the soil characteristics of the construction site and the massiveness of the house under construction.

By the way, it is more convenient to use construction forests when building a house than ordinary stairs. So you will protect yourself from accidents and finish the project of the house faster.