How to build a barn with your own hands?

Usually sheds are built not very large sizes. For example, you can build a shed with your own hands with dimensions 2 * 3 meters. But first you need to decide on the project of your future barn. As soon as you decided, you need to remember that when building a barn with your own hands, you need to adhere to the following schemes: first make a barn, then the floor and walls, and then erect a roof. And only at the last stage of construction are the doors and windows if they are provided for by the project.

As our experience shows a question like how to build a barn with your own hands arises at the initial stages of construction. Therefore, our article we must highlight this stage of building a barn with our own hands. Initially, you need to prepare the earth. It needs to be well tamped to get a solid surface. Also, do not use ordinary sand as a embankment for a barn, it is better if the sand is building.

The second stage how to build a barn with your own hands will be the marking of the area for our future shed. This is done using a cord and pegs.

At the third stage, slabs for the floor of our barn are laid. The outer row of plates is fixed using concrete, and spacers are made between the inner rows somewhere on the floor of the millimeter. After laying all the plates under the base, the spacers are completed, and the cracks between the plates are filled with the solution.

The next step in the construction of the barn with your own hands will be the installation of the floor and the frame of the barn. Treat the floor boards with an antiseptic before you beat them.

Then you need to install the door for the barn. Remember that if you have agricultural machinery that you want to store in the barn, then the doors should be appropriate sizes.

However, before asking how to build a barn with your own hands, you should decide on what you are building a barn. Maybe for growing seedlings, then you will need to make a barn well lit.

But in any case, the shed that you built with your own hands will serve you for a very long time and bring satisfaction when looking at it.