How to increase the energy efficiency of buildings.

Energy -saving solutions are becoming increasingly popular in construction, they are especially relevant on the eve of winter. These include thermal insulation of the roof, windows, ceiling and walls, as well as the installation of special heating units. Real estate. To increase the energy efficiency of large construction, you should solve the problem of cold air through walls, windows, doors or ceilings, as well as take care of heating using special devices. According to experts, about 65% of warm air goes through a poorly isolated roof, walls or floor. Modern materials such as slag, mineral, as well as glass wool will help to correct the situation and reduce the percentage of heat loss. However, this is far from the only solution to the problem. Today, more and more consumers opt for air-heating units STD-300, the main task of which, in particular, is the heating of large production facilities, warehouses, buildings of the cultural, entertainment and agricultural sector. The heating unit is not necessary to look for in the construction market, it can be bought on the Internet and at a good price. Heating units of this kind are placed, as a rule, in ventilation systems of buildings. Simply put, where this equipment can evenly distribute warm air using ventilation channels and heat even huge areas. Among the advantages that are especially attracted in the units of the STD-300, it is possible to install them in a large room of any type directly on the floor. There, the device will also miraculously cope with its task and warm the construction of warm air flows.