How to choose ceramic tiles?

When buying tiles, first of all, you need to think about the material from which it is made. If this is clay – good, and the content of silica speaks of poor quality. And do not look at the price, because sometimes you can purchase a regular fake for a large price.

If you install the tile in the room with active humidity, for example, in the bathroom, then you need to take the material of the group A1 and B1. Washing moisture with these ceramic tiles is the highest, almost 3%. For the outer layer of the wall, a persistent option is taken, that is, A3 and B3. In addition, the tile is quite frost -resistant. But remember, you can not glue the tile, which is intended for facades indoors. You may have problems with dampness and thermal insulation.

Square or rectangle? If you make a house repair, then take a rectangular shape, a square variation is perfect for public places.

Uneven edges can talk about poor production. Use ceramic tiles with a smooth surface for a bathroom or restroom. Tiles with drawings or a relief surface are suitable for any room, but not for the outer wall of the building.

Stability is determined according to the number of advantages in the brand. The more this element, the more the material will last. You can choose any tile tone, but preferably the one that is suitable for the interior of the house.

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