How to choose inexpensive and high -quality roofing material

The construction of a country house must be approached responsibly, carefully choosing the necessary materials. Choosing a roof coating among many roofing materials offered on the market is not so simple. Now the roof of a falcker is very popular, it is most often installed on their roofs. In addition to quality, the cost is of great importance, since the roof area is large enough, and a lot of material will be required.

However, first of all, it is necessary to evaluate the characteristic features of various roofing materials and choose the right one in your case. The main requirements include strength and durability. The aesthetic attractiveness of the material is not in last place.

Among other roofing materials, slate is favorably different. With slate, they have been covered at home from time immemorial. Initially, it was shale tiles. Modern slate is made from asbestos cement. Sheets have a flat or wavy shape.

This material has all the necessary properties. It is strong enough to withstand the weight of a person without deforming. It can be painted, which will give it additional strength and increase the aesthetic qualities. The slate has low thermal conductivity, which is of great importance for maintaining heat in the house. The slate is frost -resistant, does not burn, is not subject to corrosion and has high noise -absorbing properties. This means that the noise of rain, hail or wind will not bother the inhabitants of the house too much. Slavifa is not afraid of fungus and mold.

This is inexpensive and easy to install material. The decoration of the roof by slate does not require special professional skills, which allows it to be carried out without involving specialists. It is easy to process without the use of expensive electrical tools.

Naturally, the slate has some disadvantages. It is fragile enough and requires certain caution during installation. Over time, its moisture resistance decreases, and slate can be covered with moss. However, the manifestation of these negative factors can be delayed by covering slate with paint.