How to ensure high -quality sound insulation

Comfort and comfort in your house must be thought out already during construction, since when creating a design, many points can already be missed. So, an important element in the internal atmosphere of the dwelling is the sound insulation of the floor.

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Paul is subject to constant and temporary load. Therefore, the material used to lay it should be quite tough and durable. The thermal conductivity of the material, on the contrary, should strive for a minimum, and the durability of the material used should ensure a long life for your floors.

Often in the laying of the floors, various bulk material is used, such as, for example, swollen perlite sand. When laying wooden floors for their sound insulation, gaskets made of fairly elastic materials are used. Moreover, it should be borne in mind that the width of such gaskets should be more than the lag by 2-3 cm.

At the moment, new synthetic materials that have all the necessary properties are used in soundproofing. They help to make soundproofing not only of high -quality, but also as durable as possible.

It is very important to observe the technology of installation work, since this factor can greatly affect the quality of soundproofing. It is worth remembering the mandatory separation of the floor from the walls of the room in the form of a gap of 1.5-2.5 cm. After laying the screed, it is necessary to fill out the formed gap with soundproofing functions.