Which finish to choose.

Often, the premises before the owners are being repaired by choosing a finish coating. It is customary to use linoleum as the most common today.

Although it is a great universal solution, it is quite difficult to call it natural. Perhaps the greatest drawback of this material is its extreme softness, as well as low resistance to scratches.

This kind of work may not require drawing up drawings, which can not be said about some other works. Homework: Drawings in Autocade to order will help to solve many such issues.

As an alternative to the aforementioned coating, one can distinguish the carpet coating. This finish coating is perfect if there is a small child in the house. However, in terms of dust and dirt accumulation, such a base can be called a leader. If you plan to use carpet in the nursery, then a year later it is recommended to replace it with a new one, which can be very costly. In addition, such a basis can cause allergies.

And the laminate can be considered a leader not only in price, but also in durability. Due to the presence of wear -resistant coating, such a base will last for many years. The biggest drawback of such gender, if it is mounted in the nursery, is its significant thermal conductivity, in other words, such a coating will literally take heat from objects that are warmer than it. But this can be compensated by the carpet. Another feature of the laminate is its repulsive ability to any pollution. Any ink and paints are allowed to be removed with acetone, while the coating will not be damaged.