How to paint interior doors correctly

Before painting, it is desirable to remove the door from the loops. If the door is not possible to remove the door, it should be carefully fixed (for example, using a wedge). Be sure to remove the old paint and polish the door surface. If necessary, apply a primer and putty.

Pick the tool under the type of paint. Here the rules are simple: alkyd paint – we take a roller and a wide flat brush for leveling the surface, latex paint – we use only a brush. The door is stained in parts. The entire surface is entirely and professional malyars will not paint exactly.

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Filenced door: stain with a brush in the direction of the fibers. First a phylene part, then recesses. Then we stain the central frame strapping, then the mid -middle and horizontal strands. Lastly, parts of the lock and loops are painted.

Shield door: painted with latex paint in the direction from top to bottom. In the central part, we use alkyd paint (respectively a roller), moving to the edges from the center.

After the general surface of the door is finished, we stain the box.

And remember that you should observe a common harmony in choosing a color relative to the rest of the design of the room. Otherwise, any door will look ridiculous and not in its place.